Thursday, 6 November 2014

Phantom Kicks and a Mean Joke

A friend of mine, who also recently had a baby, told me that she had heard from other moms about feeling baby kicks after the baby was born. I don't know if the official term is phantom kicks but it sounds a lot like people feeling pain in a phantom limb so let's just go with that.

Recently, I started feeling those phantom kicks. It's really quite creepy. After a week or two of feeling them, I started to get concerned that maybe they weren't phantom after all. Could I be pregnant again? Oh please no. No no. Not now. The only way to be certain was to take a pregnancy test.

So I took the test, waited in the bathroom for the result, and then I had a funny idea. I would call Nick in and pretend to be all upset. In my best scared/worried/uncertain voice, I quietly called him. Then, with a little more urgency. I made my voice waiver as if I was about to cry. I said, "can you please come in here?". I heard him get up, start towards the bathroom, asking if everything was ok (I could hear the concern in his voice). That's when I jumped out of the bathroom and yelled 'It's NEGATIVE!' and burst out laughing. Apparently that was quite a mean joke. I really had him going and he was starting to panic. Whoops! But I mean, it's not that often that you have an opportunity for that kind of prank right? (well I don't, at least), so I took advantage. Sorry love ;)

Monday, 3 November 2014

Places to Eat (Breakfast): Jax

Over the weekend, Nick and I went out to grab lunch (with R in tow, of course). We ended up in Dundas (evidently I really like going there). As we wandered down the main street to find a place to eat we spotted this place that severed breakfast until 2, so we decided to try it out.

So ya, we had breakfast instead of lunch, but it was totally worth it. They've got everything you could want from a breakfast menu (French toast, waffles, various forms of bacon and eggs, even a bacon and egg sandwich on waffles) and they buy their meat from the local butcher across the street, which is a big plus, trust me. The staff were so sweet and friendly. When we asked them how long they'd be in business, they told us they opened two months ago doing the confectionery piece (baked goods and ice cream) and had been doing breakfast for two weeks. Well, in two weeks they've done a great job.

{When we arrived, it was packed. 
I took this pic after the rest of the crowd cleared out; it was 1pm after all}

{breakfast grilled cheese with bacon and a fried egg; 
doesn't look super interesting but trust me, it was so yummy} 

{Belgian waffles. It comes with eggs but Nick swapped them for fruit}

Jax: they're new to the scene, and our breaky was delicious. We'll be back and you should go.
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