Welcome! This is Lovely is my collection of everyday things that I find lovely (and sometimes, things that are not-so-lovely).

I'm thirty year old girl (I guess I should be calling myself a woman) who loves fashion, food and family, I have a knack for giving advice and could talk your ear off any day of the week. Seriously, before I changed my last name, my nickname was Emma "the talker" Walker.

I'm a full-time HR Manager, and a part-time blogger; I'm wife to an Englishman (Nick), and mother to a baby girl (Ruby) and a very needy Maltese-Westie cross (Rocky). Want to get to know me more? Read up on how we met, our engagement and our wedding. Then check out Ruby and her birth story. Life with a new baby is definitely different, but we're having fun navigating this new chapter.

On this little blog I write about yummy food I've eaten (and sometimes made), DIY's, fashion, things that make me a domestic goddess (or lack thereof) and mainly I write about the daily ramblings of my life. Want to connect? Check me out on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, or send me an email!

I hope you enjoy your time here!

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