Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Children of the Corn

Do you remember the movie Children of the Corn? It's about those creepy blonde children that are evil and force their parents to do awful things using the power of their evil little minds. Well, we may or may not be dealing with a little Children of the Corn scenario over here. Nick and I are starting to think that Ruby and Rocky may be working together to kill us.

Rocky had us thinking this for a little while. Our main concern is his antler. He has this deer antler (naturally shed, they sell them at pet stores) that he chews on. It seems a bit like he's sharpening it (in the way an inmate might sharpen one end of a toothbrush to turn it into a weapon). He frequently does this, and leaves it standing on end (sharp end pointed up). I didn't even think a dog could position a chew toy the way he does.
Now, Ruby has shown little twinges of evil behaviour, the creepiest was when she grabbed Nick by the neck, dug in her little nails and then just smiled at him. A loving smile, or a death threat? We can't be sure.

{the weapon; left on its end, ready to stab someone, on the regular} 

{they may look innocent, but I swear they're working together}

These two blonde haired children are out to get us. Just putting it out there, if something bad happens, we were on to them.

Friday, 9 January 2015

A Day in the Life

I haven't done a Day in the Life post for a little while (since August). Now that Ruby is at a very different stage of babyhood, I thought I'd do another.

Number of times I tried to ignore the noise from the baby monitor in the morning: 2 (which means that it actually worked once)
Time I dragged myself out of bed: 7:12am - which doesn't sound so bad until you know I was up three times during the night.
Cups of coffee: 2 3
Number of times I lifted Ruby up to sniff her butt (a practice that I formerly found disgusting): 3
Attempts it took to get little miss down for her morning nap: 2 (not the worst); and afternoon nap: 1 (hooray!)
Toys surrounding me currently: 8
Of those toys, the number that make obnoxious sounds: 2
The average noise level coming from Ruby: 8 (mainly shrieking, mixed with some adorable cooing)
The words used most today: "Rocky, NO". I'm quite certain they will be Ruby's first words as well.
Pages of my book read: 0

The Day's Accomplishments: Made the bed, skyped with my mother-in-law, fixed drafty door (by stuffing a towel between the screen and the glass...hey, I didn't say it was pretty), made and ate lunch using one arm/hand (the other one was holding the baby who would instantly bawl if I put her down), wrote a few blog posts, got Ruby to try oatmeal (wasn't well received). Sometimes you just have to celebrate the small wins.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

My 2015 Goal

{Happy New Year 2015!}

I've decided not to make any New Year's resolutions per se. At dinner last week, one of my friends was asking about everyone's New Year's goals, which I like the sound of better. Her's was awesome and very achievable (her goal is to take one bath a week in pursuit of relaxation - best.goal.ever.) and so I decided my goal would be to begin removing chemicals and unnecessary additives from my life, starting with parabens.

A friend of mine with a great blog (100 Resolutions) recently posted an article about the link between parabens and breast cancer. Since that's something I do need to worry about, I've gone through my products and ditched everything with parabens. Don't want 'em, don't need 'em!

Did you set any resolutions or goals? I didn't set any last year, but here are my resolutions from the year before.:)

Monday, 5 January 2015


The Scene: Standing beside the Christmas tree, Nick wrapped me in a big hug.

Nick: {looking over my shoulder} yiiikes, the owl is looking at me.
Me: {turns to see what he's referring to} oh, that owl ornament?
Nick: Ya. He's like "I see you. Ca-coooo, ca-coooo"
Me: What's he saying?
Nick: Ca-cooooo, ca-cooooo.
Me: An owl says "whooooo, whoooo"
Nick: Right. You better teach Ruby the animal sounds.
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