Tuesday, 12 August 2014

A day in the life

Now that I've settled into my mat leave, my days are starting to resemble a Bridget Jones novel. At some point each day I stop and take stock of my daily activities and accomplishments.

Here's what yesterday looked like:
Cups of coffee 3 (but giant mugs so more like 5)
Daytime talk shows 3
Diapers changed 100 (in reality probably 6)
Baby bathed 1
Showered, blow-dried hair and applied make up (!)
Dishwashers emptied 1
Tidied kitchen so as to keep up the good housewife vibe
Ate reasonably healthy
Garbages emptied 2
Spiders  killed to save infant daughter from being bitten 2 (felt like a hero-mom afterwards since I'm terrified of spiders)
Dog barf found 3, leading to sheets washed
Skypes to the UK 2

At the end of the day it seems all I managed to do was shower, get dressed, get Ruby dressed and fed, eat,  do a couple things around the house and have a chat with my in-laws. By the time Nick gets home and asks how the day was, I'm usually at a loss for what actually happened. Must.Make.More.Plans.

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