Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Happy Bump Day

Along with the latest bump shot, I thought I might share a little conversation I had the other day while running errands.

The scene:
I'm shopping for painting supplies at the Dollarama so that Nick and I can paint the nursery, so I'm in a pretty good mood.

Cashier: Are you due soon?
Me: In June.
Cashier: Oh wow <pauses> You''re...bigger. I don't know how to say that nicely.
Me: <caught off guard> well...June just a couple months away.
The cashier just gives me a sympathetic look and wishes me good luck.
I left the store clutching my coat closed, feeling very judged.

The moral? I don't care if the expectant mother's baby bump is the shape of a rocket ship. Keep your comments to yourself, please and thanks.

Ps. I'm fine now and love my bump. Judgey lady can't ruin this for me :)

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