Thursday, 8 May 2014

Relationship Test

There are lots of things that test a relationship. Your first trip together, undergoing a stressful life event, moving. Another good relationship test? Assembling furniture.

We put ourselves to the test by assembling our new crib. Honestly, I don't think Nick loved the fact that I decided to snap pictures throughout (sorry babe!), but I thought it would be something we'll look back on someday.

If you're anything like us, you each have a different approach to these types of tasks. Nick's: get all the stuff out, and start building. I'll give him that, since he has more of an instinct for these things. Mine: read the instructions, then proceed, step by step.

My advice to anyone embarking on a build-it-yourself couple's activity: don't do it when either of you
a) isn't in the mood to
b) is tired; OR
c) is hungry.
We picked a Saturday morning and that definitely worked to our advantage :)

After a bit of a confusing start, the instructions proved to be quite helpful. It took us under and hour and we're quite proud of our handiwork. Hopefully baby girl will be cozy in there!

Ps. The other day Nick told me he tried it out and I almost believed him. Almost.

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