Tuesday, 29 July 2014

I Jumped On The Bandwagon...

I bought short overalls. I rocked this babies when I was a kid and I looooved them. I had multiple pairs and they were all floral. I also had regular-length overalls in denim and navy blue corduroy. When I first saw overalls back on the scene, I was a little hesitant, but with a post-baby bod, overalls are even more fantastic.

As always, when I'm jumping on a trend bandwagon, I don't break the bank. These ones are from Old Navy and only set me back $20. So if, by the end of summer, I'm over overalls, no biggie!

Sorry about the brutal picture but I at least wanted to show that I wear them. Selfies with a baby aren't exactly easy (just be glad I cut my head off...no make up and crazy hair that morning).

Here's another option (with my own clothes):

And here are a few inspirational pics for more great ways to style your overalls from my favourite fashion bloggers.

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