Monday, 7 July 2014

Introducing Ruby

Hello!! It feels like it's been forever since I sat down to hammer out a blog post and I have to say, it feels great. Clearly I had a pretty significant life event which was the reason for my blog vacation, the birth of my little girl, Ruby :)

Now that she's five weeks old (which has absolutely flown by), I feel like I've been able to adjust to having a new member of our family and now I'm starting to get back to normal/our new normal.

I have to be honest, this blog will likely be shifting focus since my life pretty much revolves around this little cherub right now, but I'm also hoping that by continuing to blog, I will maintain some balance and challenge myself to do things that aren't necessarily baby related.

I will definitely share Ruby's birth story (the non-gory details) in another post, but I will say that it went super smoothly. In the meantime, here are a few more pictures from Ruby's newborn photo shoot (photo credit: my friend Sarah, who also did my maternity photos). We had such a fun time at her studio and since she has already grown so much, I really appreciate having pictures that capture her within her first week.

See some more pictures after the jump...

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