Thursday, 5 February 2015

Baby Swimming Lessons

Well it's been a few lessons since her first one, but I had to share this. A pool full of chubby little babies learning to swim - what could be cuter? (even though people still think Ruby is a boy, despite the skirt attached to her bathing suit bottoms...).

Here are some pictures from her first day:

{assessing the new situation} 

{deciding she loves the taste of pool water} 

These lessons are very much a daddy-daughter thing, but I had to take her last weekend (Nick was working). Due to the fact that I was feeling self-conscious in a bathing suit, I tried to stay as submerged in the water as possible. Since the pool is super shallow and I'm quite tall, that meant I was basically doing a perma-squat the entire time, with Ruby as my weight. My legs were actually sore the next day. What a way to trick myself in to working out #theonlywayiteverhappens ...

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