Sunday, 1 February 2015


{the only way to get things done; baby in a basket}

My apologies for the radio silence again over the last couple weeks. I started the new year feeling ready to blog on the regular again. Then life happened.

Last fall, my parents and Nick and I decided to embark on a journey that most people wouldn't dare try. Purchasing a house together. To be clear, it's more like two semi-detached houses. I mean, we're not that crazy.

There had been so much back and forth with all the various moving parts, that we had almost completely given up on it actually happening. Until the one thing that needed to happen did.

What that meant for us was we then had two weeks to get our place completely ready for sale. Our little condo, which was full of things (aka absolutely not ready for potential buyers). So instead of spending our days doing leisurely activities and playing with Ruby, we were going nuts patching holes, painting, cleaning, de-cluttering, moving furniture and staging our place. Once that was done, we moved ourselves out (to my parents house) so that I wouldn't be trying to round up a dog and a baby every time someone wanted to view the place. Between that, having Nick's parents over for a lovely winter visit, planning my mom's retirement party, all three of us having colds and taking care of Ruby, there was pretty much no time for anything else.

Now, *breathes sigh of relief* that we're out of our place, I can get back to blogging a bit more regularly I hope!

Ps. Selling your first place is a lot more emotional than I ever expected. More on that later...

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