Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

At least once a day I utter the phrase 'that scares me'. Somehow, I find a lot of things scary (in some way or another).

I think it stems from what a wimpy child I was. I don't even want to admit this, but I'm doing it because I think it's quite an entertaining story. When I was 5, I was afraid of recess.

i hid my wimpy-ness behind a cute smile
Yes, you read it correctly. RECESS. The event in the school day that every child lives for, I dreaded. It was probably in part, due to the fact that I was very little, and very timid. All those bigger kids running around was terrifying. My parents and I had to meet with the Principal to explain why I resisted going outside. The words 'Indoor Recess' on those rainy days were music to my tiny ears.

those were the doors
The other, possibly more pathetic, thing: I had to (HAD TO) ensure I arrived at school before the bell rang, to make sure I was part of the line up to get inside the school. If I was late, and missed the line, I wasn't strong enough to open the school doors on my own, so I would have to turn around, walk back home, and ask someone to come with me to open the door.

It's a wonder I ever made it out alive.

I'm going to make my kids lift weights as soon as they can stand up. I must prevent this wimpy cycle from continuing.

On another note, I'm beyond thrilled to say Congratulations to Danni & Amy on the birth of baby Zachary today. I am certain that he will be anything but a wimpy kid xx

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