Thursday, 14 March 2013

Fashion Friday: Return of the Sneaker Wedge

Last year, I took a stand against sneaker wedges. I figured it was a quickly passing trend, and yet, it’s still here. Abundantly so, in fact.

I just can’t get on board with these shoes. They are so aesthetically unappealing to me. I know, they’re everywhere. Every fashion blogger has a pair, they've been captured on runways and they are a staple of street style. Both sports shoe companies and high end designers alike have added at least one sneaker wedge to their portfolio. But I don’t care. Mark my words, I will never, not ever, been seen in these shoes.

If I am going to wear sneakers, they will look like this. The point of wearing sneakers is because they're casual, cool, and flat.

I think my biggest hang up with sneaker wedges is that they remind me too much of these, scary looking things. Running shoes + heels = yiiiiiikes.

I have a feeling that some years down the line, we’ll look at them and cringe. Well, I won't, because I won't  have worn them :)

Ps. If you own/like/love those shoes, knock yourself out, they're just not my style.

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