Friday, 5 September 2014

Ruby's First Trip to England

{four generations} 

We are back from England! Actually, we've been home for a few days but the jet lag was a killer so I couldn't bring myself to do much until now.

We had such a lovely time introducing Ruby to her aunties, uncles, cousins and especially to her great grandmother. Her granny and grandpa were also very excited to see her again. Every morning we would wake up, stumble downstairs, I would drink I giant French Press of coffee (all to myself) while Ruby was enveloped in cuddles.

We had lots of time to catch up, as well as do some sight-seeing and tourist activities. We had family dinners, trips to the pub, sing-alongs, walks around town, a trip to Liverpool to see my cousins, a trip into Chester for shopping, we visited a beautiful garden that had a monkey forest, took a trip to the beach in Wales, and we even got a night out with friends while granny and grandpa looked after Ruby.

Here are some pictures of the trip...

{meeting her only great grandparent, Nana}

{Trentham Gardends and one of the many fairies}

{the monkey forest; Ruby slept}

{a mama and her baby, aww}

{Pimm's; I worked hard at regaining my alcohol tolerance}

{meeting her great auntie Jo}

{Ruby's first trip to the pub}

{pub quiz night}

{Ruby's first time in Chester. This was the only time she was awake}

{The 5th best ice cream place in the world}

{his: mint chocolate chip, hers: english toffee}

{a fuzzy "we're out without the baby!" selfie}

{Ruby's first trip to the sea; she cried pretty much the entire time}

{cricket on the beach - can you see the approaching rainstorm?}

{the ladies Ellison}

Missing everyone already! Thanks for such a lovely visit xx

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