Thursday, 6 November 2014

Phantom Kicks and a Mean Joke

A friend of mine, who also recently had a baby, told me that she had heard from other moms about feeling baby kicks after the baby was born. I don't know if the official term is phantom kicks but it sounds a lot like people feeling pain in a phantom limb so let's just go with that.

Recently, I started feeling those phantom kicks. It's really quite creepy. After a week or two of feeling them, I started to get concerned that maybe they weren't phantom after all. Could I be pregnant again? Oh please no. No no. Not now. The only way to be certain was to take a pregnancy test.

So I took the test, waited in the bathroom for the result, and then I had a funny idea. I would call Nick in and pretend to be all upset. In my best scared/worried/uncertain voice, I quietly called him. Then, with a little more urgency. I made my voice waiver as if I was about to cry. I said, "can you please come in here?". I heard him get up, start towards the bathroom, asking if everything was ok (I could hear the concern in his voice). That's when I jumped out of the bathroom and yelled 'It's NEGATIVE!' and burst out laughing. Apparently that was quite a mean joke. I really had him going and he was starting to panic. Whoops! But I mean, it's not that often that you have an opportunity for that kind of prank right? (well I don't, at least), so I took advantage. Sorry love ;)

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