Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Things No One Told Me (Or Maybe They Did But I Didn't Believe Them)

In preparation for having Ruby, I did very little reading, but I did hear lots of different information from the women in my life. Although I was happy to get some insight, I don't think I took all of it to heart. Here are a few things that either I had never heard or didn't fully buy into. Let's just say, I was wrong.

1. You will definitely want an epidural. I wasn't convinced, nor should you be since everyone handles pain differently, but I was begging for it, just saying...

2. The Baby Blues. I hadn't even heard of that until I got home with Ruby. I probably would have benefited from a little bit of reading on that one (since I cried every evening for two weeks).

3. Baby Brain. As much as I don't like this one, I still find myself struggling to look for the word I'm trying to use on a daily basis. What IS this?

4. Unsolicited advice from strangers. Maybe I did believe this one, but it annoys me more than I ever thought it would. There's no need to point out that my baby isn't wearing socks. I am aware and I have been outside with her for less than a minute. Now move along.

5. You will become a nervous driver/traveller. Totally didn't buy it, but the flying fear seriously kicked in and when I drive now I feel like everyone is drifting into my lane (not likely).

6. The 'you sleep when the baby sleeps' deal - I figured, ya no problem. I love naps I will be able to do that no problem. Not so much. When Ruby was napping, I wanted to make something to eat, or take a shower, or tidy up a bit (I know people say cleaning can wait but sometimes it's nice to feel like you don't live in a dump), or even just be awake and do something for myself. Even still I only manage a 15 minute cat nap per day.

7. The number of random songs you will make up. I am basically narrating our entire day as some on-going ridiculous song. Some of my better (and repeat) titles include: The Pants Dance, Let's Change Your Diap- y, Lotion Lotion Lotion and Pants Aren't Food.

8. You will hover over your sleeping child, staring at them in awe, but if they so much as move a pinky finger, you army crawl out of there immediately because you can't deal with it if they wake up.

9. You will do insane things to make your kid smile. Strange faces, making sounds that only animals would make, and star jumps...all in a day's work.

{case in point: me doing a lot of silly smiles to solicit a somewhat aloof half smile}

These are some things I've come across in the first six months of Ruby's life (I can't believe she's six months old already!). I'm sure I will have a follow up post to this one in the coming months.

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