Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Children of the Corn

Do you remember the movie Children of the Corn? It's about those creepy blonde children that are evil and force their parents to do awful things using the power of their evil little minds. Well, we may or may not be dealing with a little Children of the Corn scenario over here. Nick and I are starting to think that Ruby and Rocky may be working together to kill us.

Rocky had us thinking this for a little while. Our main concern is his antler. He has this deer antler (naturally shed, they sell them at pet stores) that he chews on. It seems a bit like he's sharpening it (in the way an inmate might sharpen one end of a toothbrush to turn it into a weapon). He frequently does this, and leaves it standing on end (sharp end pointed up). I didn't even think a dog could position a chew toy the way he does.
Now, Ruby has shown little twinges of evil behaviour, the creepiest was when she grabbed Nick by the neck, dug in her little nails and then just smiled at him. A loving smile, or a death threat? We can't be sure.

{the weapon; left on its end, ready to stab someone, on the regular} 

{they may look innocent, but I swear they're working together}

These two blonde haired children are out to get us. Just putting it out there, if something bad happens, we were on to them.

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