Friday, 9 January 2015

A Day in the Life

I haven't done a Day in the Life post for a little while (since August). Now that Ruby is at a very different stage of babyhood, I thought I'd do another.

Number of times I tried to ignore the noise from the baby monitor in the morning: 2 (which means that it actually worked once)
Time I dragged myself out of bed: 7:12am - which doesn't sound so bad until you know I was up three times during the night.
Cups of coffee: 2 3
Number of times I lifted Ruby up to sniff her butt (a practice that I formerly found disgusting): 3
Attempts it took to get little miss down for her morning nap: 2 (not the worst); and afternoon nap: 1 (hooray!)
Toys surrounding me currently: 8
Of those toys, the number that make obnoxious sounds: 2
The average noise level coming from Ruby: 8 (mainly shrieking, mixed with some adorable cooing)
The words used most today: "Rocky, NO". I'm quite certain they will be Ruby's first words as well.
Pages of my book read: 0

The Day's Accomplishments: Made the bed, skyped with my mother-in-law, fixed drafty door (by stuffing a towel between the screen and the glass...hey, I didn't say it was pretty), made and ate lunch using one arm/hand (the other one was holding the baby who would instantly bawl if I put her down), wrote a few blog posts, got Ruby to try oatmeal (wasn't well received). Sometimes you just have to celebrate the small wins.

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