Thursday, 2 October 2014

Baby Talk Canadian vs English

I've written several posts about the funny conversations Nick and I have that highlight the differences between British English and Canadian English. Now I've discovered more differences in the baby world. These have all surfaced since Ruby has graced us with her presence.

{taking Ruby for a spin in a proper pram - it was Nick's as a baby!}

We say                   They say
Onesie & Sleeper     Baby Grow
Stroller                     Pram
Crib                         Cot
Diaper                      Nappy
Soother/Pacifier        Dummy
Burping                    Winding
Drool                       Dribble

While we were in England, I tried not to confuse everyone too much with my words, but it's funny how the context changes so much with just one word. The word diaper has a different (and apparently gross) meaning. Who knew?

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  1. Same things in Australia. Not sure if the English use this word, Australians use the word 'nurse' when they are holding a baby. So my MIL would nurse my daughter lol...when all she was doing was holding/cuddling her, I don't like the word used in that context :-). My favourite Aussie word is 'bub' when talking about the is bub today? :-).


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