Thursday, 29 March 2012

Hunger Games

So as I mentioned here, I took the Hunger Games away with me to Barbados as my beach read.

Well it made it to the beach one day, but I had read the entire book by Tuesday. I could NOT put it down. Loved it. Obsessed. If I was reading, and someone tried to talk to me, I would actually be a bit annoyed!

I would recommend this book to anyone, regardless of your genre of choice. The Hunger Games has it all. As an adult (well based on my age anyway...) I can't believe that this is supposed to be a book for teens. I mean, sure, teens will like it too, but I didn't feel like I was reading a book for kids.

So this past Tuesday, Husband and I ventured out to see The Hunger Games: The Movie. Now normally, I'm pretty skeptical of movies based on books - it's hard to get them right.

The verdict?


Of course, in my opinion, the book was still better, but the movie really did it justice. I'm sure that can be attributed to the fact that Suzanne Collins was one of the writers of the screenplay (good idea!).

Now I can't be certain, but I think the movie was more enjoyable because I had read the book first. It just gives some insights that are explained in the book, but that just 'happen' in the movie. For example, when the people of District 12 kiss their three middle fingers and then hold them up in the air - in the movie, they just do that action, but in the book we find out that it is a sign of love and goodbye, and is most often seen at a funeral. It's knowing those little nuances that made it just that much better.

So my recommendation: Read it, then see it. Then get the next book (which I'm reading now).

xx E.

ps. I'm Hungry for more (ya, I said it)

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