Saturday, 24 March 2012

Pinterest Pesto

I've decided to put my Pinterest boards to work - what the point of pinning stuff to them if I never go back to use it?

I was looking for something to make for dinner last night and I turned to this Pinterest board for inspiration. I had a huge box of arugula in the fridge and found a recipe that I had pinned a while ago for arugula pesto (recipe here).

Baby Arugula

I used pine nuts instead of walnuts (toasted in a dry pan)


 I used the pesto on spaghetti, mixing in frozen peas for added veggie content/extra sweetness...

I finished it off with sliced chicken breast...

Bon apetite!

xx E.

ps. I've got lots left over and plan to use it for a quinoa salad next

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  1. Very very very yummy-looking (and tasting, fo sho)!!


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