Friday, 30 March 2012

Billy No Mates

So it's the end of week #1 at my new job.

The role is working for me. It's just what I was expecting/hoping for. From a work standpoint, I think it's a great opportunity.

The one thing I forgot about though, is that when you start a new job, you have no office friends. No allies, no one to go grab a coffee with. I am without friends.

As husband would say, I am a Billy No Mates.


Am I weird? Not that weird...Do I have bad breath? Didn't think so... Either way, I'm gonna have to find some friends ASAP. I emailed my dad just so he would call me - grasping at straws here people!

I've had wonderful support from friends (outside of work, yes I have some!), and they're reminding me that eventually people will invite me for lunch. One day...a girl can dream...

Happy Weekend Kids!

xx E.

ps. I'm not as pathetic as that sounds, I swear ;)

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