Thursday, 8 November 2012

Bachelor Canada recap Ep. 6

Another week, another episode, another step closer to Brad finding true love (or at least a girlfriend for the time being, until the glow of the honeymoon period wears off and the media torments them into breaking up).

Obviously, Bianka's date was my favourite. They took a kayak around a stunning glacier off the coast of Newfoundland. Even though she was scared of the deep water (who wouldn't be? it looked pretty rough), they persevered and made it back. Continuing to use her head, Bianka gave Brad the gears about going to the fantasy suite. After a long discussion, they ended up going to the fantasy suite (honestly, who doesn't?) and it was so lovely, I wanted it to be my house.

Then, on Kara's fantasy date, they went to a resort in Nova Scotia to shoot at discs.

Seems familiar, no?

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Anywho, as usual, their date wasn't overly interesting. Brad had mentioned wanting to get past the 'friendship' the sheer mention of being in the friendship stage, I didn't have a good feeling about her making it much further. I wasn't surprised when she wasn't chosen at the rose ceremony. I'm not worried about her though, she's a cool chick, and she's stunning. She'll hook another.

Finally, Brad took Whitney to PEI. She's too icky for lovely little PEI. And speaking of icky - her bathing suit was awful, just awful. I'm pretty sure it was borrowed from a stripper. Despite her icky-ness, their date was absolutely adorable - lobster fishing and a romantic dinner. I'd really like to have a romantic lobster dinner overlooking the Atlantic ocean one day... *hint hint hubby ;)

When Whitney pulled Brad aside after the rose ceremony (to tell him she's unsure of their relationship no less), I was really impressed when he told her off for being selfish and for disrespecting Kara. His credibility went way up in my books for that one.

So now we're left with a girl who isn't sure if she wants Brad, and Bianka. Hello - no contest.

xx E.

Ps. Next week's preview has finally got me excited!

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