Thursday, 1 November 2012

Bachelor Canada Recap Ep. 5

Last night we had the pleasure of watching the hometown dates - one of my favourite episodes of the series.

We learned that Bianka and Brad share the same taste in ice cream. Kara's dad would do anything for her. Gabrielle volunteers with local seniors. And Whitney still can't share her feelings.

I loved that Bianka told Brad that her parents only spoke Croatian. It was such a great joke - and Brad needed something like that to make him squirm (just this once). Bianka has a lovely family and the date seemed really real. It didn't seem like anyone had to go out of their way or make a big production, they just shared a meal and got to know each other.

Kara...not a lot to say here. I think she's so gorgeous and lovely, but honestly I think she's a bit boring. I noticed that I tend to tune out (ie. read blogs, shop online, etc) whenever her date is being shown. Sorry Kara!

I was very surprised to learn that Gabrielle volunteers at a Senior's Center. Well played Gabby - that strategic move really showed Brad another side of you. I would have liked to go to dinner at her house - belly dancing after dinner is a great way to burn those calories! Plus Gabby's cousin hitting on Brad was hilarious.

Whitney's parents were so expressive and positive...I wondered why that didn't rub off on Whitney. When her dad turned the tables and started questioning her (instead of Brad), it made me laugh. Betrayed by her own family - justice!

Alas, we had to say goodbye to Gabby...I saw that one coming. It seemed like she was along for the ride, but was never really a front-runner.

Now we're down to these three ladies. My money's on Bianka. Not only is she normal, beautiful and down to earth, but also she lives in the same area that Brad does...the likelihood of that relationship actually getting off the ground is much better than the other two.

xx E.

Ps. Just near the end of this episode, I thought to myself, I can't believe I still watch this show after all the time it's been on. I feel like an old lady that's been watching the Y&R for 30 years.

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