Monday, 5 November 2012

Quest for the Best: Mac and Cheese

It's absolutely no secret how much I love all things macaroni and cheese. I even have a Pinterest board just for different mac and cheese recipes.

The other day I was reading through my macaroni pins, and realized I hadn't really tried any of them yet. So I  gave them all to Husband and he picked one: Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese.

After making it, I decided that I am now on a quest to find the best mac and cheese. Slowly, I will make the various recipes I find, until I find the best.

So here's my review of the Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese.

After one bite, my husband said that it was one of his favourite meals. Like ever. After one bite, I decided I probably wouldn't make it again. Perhaps it's because the recipe called for 3/4 of a cup of Frank's Red Hot Sauce, and instead I used Sriracha hot sauce, which is no doubt much hotter. I also don't love blue cheese, so when I got a big chunk of it, I wasn't in food heaven.

I did like the chicken with it, and probably, if I did make it again, I'd make the buffalo chicken, and a regular cheese sauce, that way you'd get the best of both (in my humble macaroni opinion).

xx E.

Ps. Stay tuned for more on my quest!

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