Friday, 20 December 2013

Christmas Morning Traditions

What is your Christmas morning like? Back when my brother and I were little kids, we'd be awake from about 4am on. Good thing my parents allowed the opening of stockings before they were up. Eventually (probably around 5:30am) my parents would crawl out of bed, clearly desperate for coffee, and indulge their annoying children. At the time, I knew it was early, but I had no real concept of how crappy it must have felt. For that I say, thank you dear parents.

Since we've grown up, we've changed up the tradition a bit. Whereas before, all gifts would be open by about 7am, now we don't even make it over to my parents place until about 10:30. Nick and I open presents together at home, followed by a lively Skype with our family in the UK. Then we head over to my parents' place. We will drink coffee and leisurely open our stockings. Then, we will all sit down to a big Christmas brunch of french toast, bacon, sausage, fruit, mimosas, sometimes followed by cinnamon buns (because the rest wasn't indulgent enough).

Eventually, we'll drag our full tummies back to the living room to open gifts. This ends up lasting into the afternoon. If weather and energy permits (as it did last year) we'll head outside for a walk. So our Christmas morning really turns into an entire day.

This year will be slightly different, but for a wonderful reason. Nick's parents and sister are coming to town! We'll change up the routine just a bit (Nick and I are hosting brunch), but they will still get to experience our version of a Canadian Christmas. Just a couple more days until they arrive :)

I will be taking a holiday blogging break, but I'm looking forward to 2014 and all the excitement it has to bring. Have a very wonderful holiday!

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