Wednesday, 5 February 2014

A Touching and Thought-Provoking Article

While reading yesterday's paper, this article caught my attention. Maybe it was the ultrasound photo in the middle of the page, or maybe it was the title. Either way, it has completely struck a chord with me.

This poor man has to face the fact that his wife is suddenly brain-dead, while still hoping that her body can nourish his growing son in utero. This article reminded me of the recent situation in Texas, where an expectant mother was ended up on life support and her grieving husband had to move mountains to get the hospital to honor her wishes (which was to remove her from life support) simply because it contravenes the anti-abortion laws in the state. I can't imagine how difficult that must have been.

While I would leave such an intensely difficult decision up to the spouse (or couple, if they had discussed it) to make (you will find no judgement from me here), it really made me stop and think of what I would want if this ever happens to me. Well Nick, consider this my answer. Save the baby. Raise it and teach it how to be amazing. Love it for both of us. I can't imagine a more beautiful thing to occur out of such tragedy. I am totally inspired by Dylan Benson.

Read the full article here, check out Dylan's blog here, and donate here.

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