Friday, 14 February 2014

Our Wedding Day

The last couple V-days I have introduced you to Nick and told you the story of our engagement. So today I thought I'd tell you about our wedding and show you some of the photos. There's nothing like reliving such a special day through the pictures to up the love factor for the day.

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We were married on September 10th, and it was an absolutely gorgeous day. Blue skies and warm sun. We couldn't have asked for more. The boys loosened up with a round of golf, while the girls took the day to leisurely get ready. Our wedding didn't start until after six, because I was really looking to have a relaxing day without having to rush. 

We were married at a golf and country club in our hometown. It's such a beautiful venue, right on the lake, it suited us perfectly. 

I managed to keep my tears in check throughout the ceremony, and even managed to get my vows out without chocking on them. I eventually broken down in tears while Nick and I were giving our speech later, but that's what a ton of emotions plus several glasses of champagne will do to a girl. 

We opted for a cocktail party (vs. a sit down dinner), so we dined on small bites, including yorkshire puddings stuffed with roast beef (for Nick) and trays of sushi (for me). There was other food, I just didn't get the chance to eat it ;) Obviously I made time for eating the cake.

We didn't want to spend too much time on speeches or formalities, so we moved quickly through those and got straight to the dancing. We danced all night long. We felt so lucky to be surrounded by our favourite people and to be able to celebrate our love.

Happy Valentine's Day. xo

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  1. Lovely post! The mini-yorkshire puddings were AWESOME! I still tell people about them :)


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