Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Bachelorette - Ep. 4 recap

Well, last night's episode failed to disappoint (in my opinion). Everyone's favourite guy from day one (Ryan) is turning out to be a d-bag extraordinaire.

It seems like Emily is figuring out that he's not in it for her. Here's hoping next week is his last. Unless he isn't the guy that calls her daughter 'baggage'...from next week's preview it looks like Emily doesn't put up with that kind of talk. So pumped for her to kick someone out!

Doug, although seemingly wonderful, might just have something going on behind his curtain of perfection. It was like watching a job interview and when you ask someone their weakness, they say 'oh, well I'm a perfectionist'. It's those b.s. answers that you know aren't actually real. Side note: my weakness is that I talk too much. But I don't say that answer. I say that I ask too many questions because it's easier to spin that one into a positive :)

So my still-favourite bachelor (Jef) got some alone time with Emily. I was really pumped when his team won the sailing race. But did he capitalize on that one-on-one? No! No kisses. For the love of god Jef, make a move! I believe I may have witnessed them kissing in a preview for next week - crossing fingers!

Did anyone else wonder why she kept Alejandro? I mean, he seems sweet enough, but he's super young and clearly not the one for her. Why is she dragging him along (and in the meantime, sending poor Charlie home)?

Overall, she did a decent job last night. At least she continued to get close to Arie, my second favourite, and we didn't have to witness any conversations from that loser Kalon (although if he never spoke or did anything for that matter, I could like him based on his style).

Looking forward to next week for some of these boys to actually make a move and for the others to get whipped into shape.

xx E.

Ps. I love the sweater she wore on the group date. Does anyone know where it's from?

all photos via ABC

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  1. Last night's episode was so good! She is totally going to pick Arie!


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