Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Bachelorette - Ep. 6 recap

Well last night's episode wasn't quite as exciting as we had all hoped, but it still delivered.

My happiest moment? When she finally got rid of Ryan {the manipulator}. I can't believe how hard he tried to talk her into changing her mind. I was so relieved when she said no and sent him packing!

I also wasn't too sad to see Travis go. Meh...he just wasn't that interesting.

The Highland Games piece really didn't make any sense to me since they were in Croatia, not Scotland. Unless I'm missing something about Croatian culture...

Some of my girlfriends were giving me a hard time about liking Jef (with one f) the most, I'm still pulling for him. I know he's the underdog, but he's still adorable. I'm wondering if I can convince husband to start dressing a little more like a hipster...
Now I have to say, asking for the extra rose? Brilliant. Although I'm pretty sure that Emily and Doug are never going to get out of the 'friend-zone', it's nice that she wants to explore it further until she really knows for certain. High-five to the producers for not forcing her to make a decision when she wasn't ready to.

Can't wait for next week when all the drama about Arie dating the producer gets out. If we thought Emily was mad about Kalon, I have a feeling she's going to go all "West-Virginia-Hood-Rat" on Arie, the producer/friend...or both!

It's the only good thing about Mondays :)

xx E.

Ps. Next week they travel to Prague - so jealous!

all show photos via ABC

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