Monday, 25 June 2012

Weekend Snaps

We had the luxury of having no real 'plans' this weekend. It was nice to be able to just go with the flow.

Friday night, we had our official celebration of our dating anniversary - with pints and sushi, of course.We found a great sushi place within walking distance of our house. There's nothing better than having such great places to eat and drink on your doorstep.

sushi boat; picone's groceries; frisbee (no, we weren't on toronto island); beer and pub food for watching the game

Saturday, husband worked and I puttered around the house. Then we ventured out to a little Italian grocery store to pick up some food for dinner. FYI - the cannolis were sooo yummy!

We headed over to the park with the pup for some running around (for Rocky) and Frisbee (for us). After dinner we decided to catch a movie - we saw Men In Black 3, which was actually pretty good.

After a lazy Sunday morning (my favourite kind of Sunday morning), we headed down to our local pub to watch the England/Italy Eurocup match (with more pints, obviously). What an intense game - overtime, into penalty shots. Suffice to say, both the Ashleys and Joe Hart let us down. We finished the day off with a family dinner (and ate until we couldn't move).

For a 'no plans' weekend, we managed to pack a lot in!

xx E.

ps. notice how much of the weekend was about food? yiiiiikes.

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