Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Long Weekend Snaps

Hmm a positive thought for this morning...it's already Tuesday - only 4 days this week :)

This long weekend felt extra long. Maybe it was because our a/c still isn't fixed and we're living in a giant sauna. Or maybe it was because we packed a lot in.

It was my mom's actual birthday on Friday (you can see details on her party here). So my family got together for a celebratory dinner. We decided that we wanted to send her on a trip for her birthday, but since we didn't want to just buy her a plane ticket, we got her this globe so that she can choose where she wants to travel :)

On Saturday we drove east of the city to visit our friends who recently moved there.


enough meat to feed a small country; a pretty caprese salad;
boys being boys (watching sports and playing with bbq tools)
We managed to keep pretty cool (except the boys, who decided to golf in the 40 degree weather), and ate very well. It's so nice being able to get together good friends!

On Sunday, we nearly died at our place, but luckily we were able to escape to an Olympics viewing party - which was more like, the girls watching the Olympics while the boys sat outside and drank beer.

We didn't want to waste the holiday Monday, so we drove down to Port Dalhousie.

We walked down the beach, checked out the carousel that you can ride for 5 cents, stopped for lunch and even took in some rowing at a regatta.

We made sure we were back in time for the Women's soccer semi-finals (Canada v. USA). What a game! Such a disappointing result for our Canadian women, but they played so well that they did our country proud.

Now...back to work!

xx E.

Ps. How was your weekend?

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