Friday, 17 August 2012

Summer Transition

Well I know there's still a month left of summer, but I'm starting to get excited for fall!

Doesn't that kind of happen with every season? Part way through, you start talking about what you love about the next season? It's kinda nice really - always something to look forward to.

Anywho, so the transition from summer to fall can be difficult because the temperature can be all over the place. Some days are as hot as the middle of summer, but then the nights can be cool.

Summer/Autumn - Sautumn, as I will now call it - is a good time to mix your favourite summer basics with some cozy fall pieces.So take your favourite coloured denim, and add a light-weight sweater or a heavier weight blazer on those cooler days.

It's also a really great time to get some great transition items on sale. Stores may categorize them as 'summer'  items, but let me tell you, they're Sautumn (I'm gonna keep saying it until it sticks).I happened to snag some great transitional finds from Joe Fresh.

i was eyeing this one up at the beginning of the summer, but who buys a sweater at the
beginning of the summer?! it was meant to be because i got the last one :)
and ya, i have a lot of blue clothing...

Each of these little gems was...wait for it...$6.94!

So get out there and start hunting down those Sautumn finds :)

xx E.

Ps. Have a great weekend! I'll be watching Husband take on the Tough Mudder obstacle course...yikes!

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