Friday, 10 August 2012

Rainy Day Football

Despite the pouring rain yesterday, my whole family went to a Hamilton Tiger Cats (CFL) game last night. I had given my dad tickets for father's day. I was surprised how many people weren't deterred by the rain.

the game

great view - check out the beautiful church on the right
perfect outfit for fishing a football game
I'll be honest, I don't find the sport all that interesting to watching. The good news? It was a great venue for people watching. It was definitely the place to see many styles of mullets, teen moms and die hard fans.

people-watchers (aka mom and i)
Have a great weekend!

xx E.

Ps. During the game the commentator kept going on about the ball carrier which I thought was a job akin to the know, some guy who carries the footballs around for the team. I didn't understand why he was getting so much attention. Then I realized they meant the player who was running with the ball during the play. Riiiiight.

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