Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Plane Spotting

Some people (ahem - my father-in-law) like to watch trains.

My Husband? He likes to watch planes. In fact, he can see a plane coming from what seems like miles away and will tell me what airline it is and what model.

I've never been with him to go plane spotting, but on our way home the other day, we were driving right past the airport and we decided to stop for a look.

For the first few minutes, we were only seeing planes take off...

a special find in the world of plane spotting - a very big korean air plane

there we the fence...watching planes...

Then all of a sudden, Husband looks over and says 'ok, here's one that's ready to land, prepare to be scared' and I was thinking...scared? until it flew right over the fence. Yiiiiikes but also pretty cool.

the plane landing

It might seem a little nerdy, but it was actually really fun. Next time, we're going to go when the wind is blowing in the opposite direction, so we can go to the other runway (and stay in the car - my request)

xx E.

Ps. we were not the only people there to watch these planes. There's a Wendy's across the street and people park up, grab a snack and watch...who knew?

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  1. Some things never change remind me to show you the pic of Nick's first plane spotting trip aged two !


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