Sunday, 19 August 2012

One Tough Mudder

As mentioned, Husband was participating in the Toronto Tough Mudder course this past weekend.

Honestly, this is something I don't think I would EVER want to do. That feeling was solidified when we arrived and had to climb a ski hill in order to see some of the event. I almost died climbing 2/3 of the way up the hill. ALMOST DIED.

The participants had to climb up various ski hills 6 times (and back down 6 times). Ouch. Some of the other things they had to do were crawl through pitch black tubes, jump into pits of ice cubes and ice water (aptly named the Arctic Enema) and run through an area of live wires hanging down while being sprayed by a fire hose.

Here are some highlights:

getting ready to run up 'everest'; they all made it on the first try!

at first, i thought the hanging wires were streamers (a la crocodile mile) 

the burlington beauties celebrating a job well done

I, of course, was a loyal spectator. Even the spectators had to sign a death waiver!

proof that i was there

so proud, but clearly don't want to get too close because of the mud
Overall, I'm proud that he did it, but so glad it's over!

xx E.

Ps. Husband in a giant, people filled washing machine

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