Monday, 24 September 2012

3 x the Pumpkin

I knew the weekend would be cloudy/rainy, so I figured it would be a good time to try out a new recipe. Since I'm dog sitting for my parents, I've got two pups to please, so I decided to bake something just for them.

In honour of the first day of fall, I decided on Pumpkin Doggy Treats.

simple ingredients: pumpkin, eggs, salt, flour, powdered milk (not shown)

I used this recipe. They were super simple to make. I didn't have sea salt, so I opted for regular salt (honestly, how will the dogs know?) And I ran out of rice flour, so I subbed in regular all-purpose flour at the end. The nice thing about the recipe is that they are supposed to be dry and crisp, so you don't have to work about over working the dough.

there is so much flour in the dough, it has to be super dry in order to bake into crisp treats
i used a small cookie cutter, but you could just as easily cut them into squares;
they get baked for 20 mins on one side, then 20 on the other

the result - they look like ritz crackers for dogs
rocky, giving me a paw to get a bite of the treat

After I finished, I still had a lot of pumpkin left in the can (could they please sell smaller cans of the stuff?!). Anyway, I decided to make a human treat, so I made Pumpkin Blondies.

It's really more like Pumpkin spice cake because it's fluffy, not chewy like a brownie/blondie. Either way, it was yummy!

mixing the blondie batter; the finished cake

After that, there was still SO MUCH pumpkin left in that can. So I made some curried pumpkin soup.

creamy, spicy and perfrect for a fall day
After that, believe it or not, there was STILL pumpkin in that damn can. I'd been cooking/baking all afternoon, so I did what any normal person would do. I threw the rest in the green bin.

xx E.

Ps. I don't have an actual recipe for the curried pumpkin soup...just made it up on the spot. If you want the basic method, just ask :)

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