Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Stuck in the Airport

Well my friends, I honestly didn't think I'd have a chance to post while I'm away because my trip is super short and very scheduled.

Guess what I didn't factor in? My flight being delayed. Of course! And now I've gained some free time.

I'm bored. Super super SUPER bored. And I'm trying to just be relaxed, happy even. Here are some reasons that I should not be upset:

1) I don't have a connecting flight. This is it, I'll get there eventually. Pretty much everyone else near me is going to miss their connection. It's a little tense

2) Delta Airlines is fixing the plane. I suppose they could have just said 'something's a little bit wrong? oh well, let's chance it' but they're not. They are making the plane nice and safe for us.

3) I have a computer, an iphone, a magazine, and a book. How much more do I want in terms of entertainment?

4) I have people to watch. One lady kept flexing her bum while she was trying to arrange for a new flight. I wasn't staring it was just super obvious. People are funny and are making me laugh.

So I'm re-reading these reasons to myself, to make me feel better. It's kind of working...I wish I had a couch to lie down on.

Something that is DEFINITELY not lovely - a man behind me just sneezed like 10 times in a row. Then 10 times again! I'm sure he'll be on my flight infecting us. Ali - this one made me think of you!

So for your viewing enjoyment, here are some pictures of my trip so far...

dinner...if i knew my flight was going to be delayed i would've gone to tgi fridays!
the scary (but turns out he's nice) old neighbour from home alone - or at least his body double
I know this post is weird. It's the rantings of a tired lady who is trying really hard to be upbeat and cheery. It's not easy right now, so thanks for understanding.

xx E.

Ps. I think...I THINK the crew may have just gone to board the plane...oh I hope so!

Pps. Nevermind. They just announced that there's a problem with the hydraulics and we may be getting a new aircraft. Yikes spikes I don't like what's going on here...

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