Monday, 17 September 2012

Summer Wind-Down

Well this is the last week of the summer. I've already started to welcome Fall - my favourite season - but I thought it would be a good time to reflect on what a lovely summer we had this year.

After all, it's going to be quite a while until we feel the gorgeous warmth again, so let's not be so quick to cast it aside.

Before the summer began, I made a summer 'to do' list.

I didn't manage to check off every item on the list, but I have to say I did pretty well.

Drink Pimm's & Lemonade - check
Get up North to the cottage at least twice - check check
Go to a soccer game (TFC v. LFC anyone?) - check
Cut bangs - check!
Rent bikes and take a winery tour
Buy & cook local food from the Farmer's Market - check
Watch fireworks (Canada Day?) - check
Make homemade Popsicles - check
Visit Ottawa for a long weekend
Go to an outdoor concert - check
Take yoga classes
Go on a picnic - check

I also managed to watch airplanes, have bbq's, spend time on patios, enjoy the Olympics, watch some tough mudders, visit with family and soak in the sunshine.

xx E.

Ps. Are you happy or sad to say goodbye to summer/hello to fall?

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