Wednesday, 26 September 2012

[Root] Beer Tasting

For my dad's birthday, my mom came up with a little activity for us all to do. When I found out it involved rootbeer, I decided to opt-out of the tasting. I finally tasted rootbeer for the first time this year, after the Tough Mudder event, and I decided that I hadn't been missing anything, and that rootbeer is gross.

After much input from my dad, it went from being a low key rootbeer tasting to a full blown blind study, with the rootbeer being served by yours truly, and each person ranking each sample.

the line up

the study participants; the rootbeer samples

The winner turned out to be Stewarts, which was funny because everyone thought they had chosen Dad's as the winner. So, fair play to my dad, his study design worked.

the winner. i tasted it...still gross

All the cred goes to my mom for this cute idea.

xx E.

Ps. Here's a close up of that gorgeous chocolate cake in the second picture. Credit to my mom on that one, too.

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  1. I am with you on the root beer - I would have had to be a pourer too ! Happy birthday to Denis!


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