Friday, 14 September 2012

Fashion Friday

Well I'm back from Atlanta. Since I was travelling for work, it inspired today's Fashion Friday topic: Business Travel.

We all like to be comfy on the plane, but when you're travelling for work, grey track pants and sneakers don't usually cut it, since you're often going straight from the airport to a meeting.

Here are my top picks for flying comfortably, yet still looking like you are employed.

Business Travel

  • Black trousers always look polished, and if you choose a pair with stretch then you'll be comfortable
  • Don't underestimate the power of a good quality t-shirt - they're soft and comfy but look crisp
  • Choose your cardigan wisely - it can double as a jacket (above right) or can be loose enough to wrap around you on a cool flight
  • If you can't forego the jacket entirely, pick one that goes with everything so you won't need to bring more than one
  • Flats/loafers are easy to slip off (I never wear my shoes on a plane), easy to walk miles through the airport in, and look great
  • Go for minimal accessories - a great watch and a statement briefcase will cover it (nothing worse than trying to rest with giant earrings piercing into your neck so leave those at home)
  • You'll notice I stuck to a black & white scheme - it always looks pulled together (and takes zero effort) :)
To find any of the items, click below.

xx E.

Ps. SO very happy to be home - I can never sleep in a hotel...can anyone??

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