Thursday, 6 September 2012

How to Eat a Cupcake

Since lately I've been stuffing my face with everything in sight, my inner fat kid wanted to demonstrate the right way to eat a cupcake.Typically, I never remember to photograph each step until it's too late (read: I've already wolfed down at least half the cupcake). Luckily, my family reminded me over the weekend.

Step 1 - Grab your cupcake
 note: this method works best with those cupcakes that have a pile of icing on top

Step 2 - Peel off the wrapper...stay with me folks

Step 3 - Remove the bottom have of the cupcake (aka the stump) and place it (crummy side down) on the icing on top

Step 4 - Flip the whole thing over, so that the bottom of the cupcake is back at the bottom, et voila! The Cupcake Sandwich.

This gives a much more equal distribution of the icing:cake ratio in every bite! I challenge you to find a better way...

xx E.

Ps. Thanks to my dad's booger green shirt for being the background for my photos. 

Pps. It wasn't easy to take pictures with one hand while doing all the cupcake manipulating with the other - man I'm good.

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