Wednesday, 31 October 2012

C'est L'Halloween

C'est L'Halloween, c'est l'Halloween, hey! Did anyone else have that song in French class leading up to Halloween?

Since I already showed you what I dressed up as this year, I figured I'd show you some ghosts of Halloweens past.

This one was from 2008 and it was our first Halloween together. Nick's costume is obvious...I was a ballerina (aka, I didn't spend a lot of time thinking about or making this costume).

The next year, Nick let me dye his hair blonde so we could be Posh and David Beckham. I did not allow my hair to be dyed, so I was the blonde Posh (yes, she was for a brief and shining moment).

In 2010, we got a little more creative. It all started when I realized (sadly) that with air dried hair, no make up and my normal glasses, I have a strong resemblance to Garth. I made Nick's Wayne's World hat myself, and even cut bangs for this one.

Keeping up with the tradition of dressing like a man for Halloween, the next year we went as Mario and Luigi. Based on the availability of overalls, Nick had to be Fire Power Mario. Not gonna lie to you, that was one comfortable costume. Dressing ugly has its benefits.

So tonight, we're going to line up some classic Halloween movies (I'm hoping for Ghostbusters) and hand out candy. Oh handing out for the first 10 adorable babies, and then I just get sick of answering the door. 

I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween!

xx E.

Ps. I plan on being a total old lady about the 15 year old boys that show up without a costume begging for candy. Guess again teenagers!

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