Friday, 24 May 2013

Happy Friday

Happy Friday to one and all!

While I haven't had a chance to photo-document all the things that put a smile on my face, I can certainly remember what they are:
+ A catch-up Skype with the in-laws (they took their ipad on holiday so we could call them)
+ My parents have baby raccoons living in a tree stump on their property and they're soooo cute
+ Not to brag, but I have two offices now and I'm excited to decorate them
+ Nick and I had a champagne and popcorn date this week to celebrate our big move
+ I got to visit with a group of my sorority sisters, including a special addition all the way from Trinidad
+ It's the weekend and I'm looking forward to all it has in store!

Have a lovely little weekend, and for my American friends, enjoy your long weekend!

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