Tuesday, 28 May 2013

On Last Night's Episode of The Bachelorette

I don't plan on doing an episode recap each week, however, after watching the season premier of The Bachelorette last night, I couldn't help but write about it.

My girlfriends and I have deemed this the most dramatic tearful season yet. And I'm not just talking about Desiree.

If those are the most eligible bachelors in American, single American women everywhere should be truly concerned. If I were Des, I would have been demanding a do-over of the first day. What about the guy who relentlessly tried to take her to his DIY fantasy suite? Creepy loser, or guy who just won a bet with his friends about how fast he could get kicked off the show?

To sum it up, there was...

  • the guy who refused to wear a shirt
  • the guy who showed up in a suit of armor
  • the guy who brought his kid for the cute-factor
  • the dental student, who wore his white coat and pretended he was a doctor
  • the magician (I was actually entertained by his tricks)
  • the guy who designed his own, god-awful suit
  • the guy who claims he 'invented' holding signs on the sidewalk as advertsing
  • the ER doctor with the shifty eyes
  • several guys that made me uncomfortable
  • and Juan Pablo, who will affectionately  be known as JP because, let's be honest, Juan Pablo is a bit of a mouthful

Obviously, I will continue to watch. I just get judgier (that's a word) as the seasons go along. Good luck Desiree, looks like you'll need it!

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