Thursday, 2 May 2013

Travelling Girl

I'm travelling this week (for work) and it always comes with a unique set of adventures. Yesterday's adventures were mainly in the travel itself.

I flew into Calgary for the day, and flew out before dinner (Katie, if you're reading this, sorry - I was only in for the day!) The first flight was fairly uneventful, except that we were delayed taking off by 45 minutes because...wait for of the overhead compartment doors was loose.

The second flight was much shorter, just Calgary to Edmonton. Let me just tell you, the planes that go from Calgary to Edmonton are tiny. Like teeny tiny. It was frightening. It had propellers. While gripping my armrests and trying to take relaxing breaths, I did notice how amazing the landscape looked. The clouds cast shadows on the fields and it looked just like camouflage. Then we hit more turbulence and I stopped caring how cool it looked, but started to feel glad that the plane could land virtually anywhere, since it was all fields.

Two more flights to go...

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