Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Car Dancing

Ever since I was old enough to drive, I was a car dancer (and perhaps before that too). I heard a woman on the radio describing her drive home, with a serious car dancer in front of her, and how much joy it brought her. I hope that my car dancing also brings joy to those around me. It's far nicer to see someone having a good time on their commute than someone who's grumpy, frustrated and ready to snap (read: sometimes that's me, too).

The car dancing started in highschool, when, at 17, there wasn't much else to do on a weekend but cruise around town. My friend and I would blast rap (again with the rapping) and do our best car-dance moves; Much to the entertainment of those around us. We had some very specific dance-moves perfected just for the car. Nothing like two preppy teenage girls, cruising in a min-van, dancing to gangster rap. 

If music I enjoy is on the radio, you can bet I'm singing and dancing, providing entertainment for the rest of the frustrated/bored/grumpy drivers out there. Who's with me?

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