Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Living With a Boy

Remember on Friends, when Rachel moved out and Monica had to 'live with a boy'? It's something so exciting, and then all of a sudden it dawns on you. You have to co-exist in a space with a creature of the opposite sex. Permanently. No breaks.

How will he respond to your girlie ways?
How will you deal with his boy stuff?

Two of our friends recently moved in together. She went from a girl's apartment to a couple's apartment. She parted ways with some cute girlie things that simply wouldn't make the transition. His 'boy' stuff is contained in one room (exiled to the spare room - it's what girls do to boy stuff). It got me thinking back to when Nick and I first moved in together.

For me, it was actually quite easy. I stopped caring about clothes strewn all over our spare room (aka exile), and started shutting the door. That was about it from an adjustment standpoint. In our world, it was probably harder for him dealing with my 'ways'. Like...my obsession with how dishes are washed (or how they are stacked in the dishwasher)...or 'plain rice for dinner!' nights...or the giant Audrey Hepburn print that I still love to this day...or the fact that I like about a thousand tv shows. Most of them geared towards the female population.

Despite all the adjusting, I remember coming home after work for the first time, and realizing we both lived there, and grinning the entire way home.

Sometimes, it's not even just the opposite sex, it's roomies in general. Have you had to make a roommate adjustment?

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  1. i have just moved in with my fiancé who i'm marrying in a week, and it has been quite the adventure! we've both lived alone for a long time so there are various habits we have that we are trying to adjust to. but like you say, amidst the chaos, it's the best feeling to come home to your favourite person :)


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