Thursday, 10 October 2013


This week I've been spending some time with my American colleagues. One thing that came to light in our conversations was potato chips.

They caught a glimpse of a vending machine and the chips in it. They came back to me and asked 'What are All-Dressed chips?' I could NOT believe my ears. They don't have all-dressed chips in the US?! At least not where my colleagues are from. Then I attempted to explain what that flavour is. Not an easy task my friends. Try it right now. The closest I got was salt & vinegar crossed with BBQ. I mentioned that they had a hint of ketchup chips flavour. It started all over again. They don't have ketchup chips either! What kind of a place is that??

I really blew their minds when I told them they have shrimp cocktail chips in the UK.

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