Thursday, 3 October 2013

She's Just Being Miley

There has been a lot of focus on Miley Cyrus in the media lately. Part of it has to do with her 'controversial' performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. Part of it has to do with her new music video for Wrecking Ball. I think the criticism is overkill, to say the least.

People seem to have trouble with Miley's transition from the cutesy child star, Hannah Montana. Let's be realistic, friends. Miley is no longer a child. She was never going to be Hannah Montana forever. She's been transitioning from her child-star persona for years, and it seems that she's finally at the place where she wants to be. And actually, I think her new music is her best yet. As with every pop star, she's going to continue to reinvent herself, so let's not waste too much time criticizing the nude bikini and punk haircut. Remember, swinging naked on a wrecking ball is no big deal compared some pop stars of the past, cough - Madonna - cough. The girl isn't stupid, she clearly knows that she's pushing the envelope. It's part of being an entertainer.

Let's all give Miley a break today; she's just being Miley after all (and doing a great job of it).

Image via Billboard

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  1. I think she's very smart and everything she's doing is deliberate. It just sucks that's how the industry works. It seems that most female pop stars have to push the envelope to become big and influential. As opposed to a man, say Justin Timberlake. He's not naked (though I totally wouldn't mind) in all his music videos, he doesn't have to use his sexuality in the same overt manner as many female pop stars have, and he didn't have to hit rock bottom for us to cheer him on to his way back up. Can a female take the Timberlake approach? Absolutely. Can she get the same outcome? Beyonce's probably the closest, right? But it's a rarity.


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