Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Super Easy DIY Fall Garland

This weekend I realized that I should probably do something with the grocery bag of pine cones I collected earlier this season. The first thing that came to mind? A fall-themed garland. This was the easiest thing I've ever made.

You need: Pine Cones, Twine, Scissors, Tacks (for hanging)

All you have to do is cut the twine about one and a half times the length of your mantle (or space you want to hang it on), then make a loop with the twine, tie it around the spiny things, leave your desired length between each pine cone, repeat.

Hang it up - I put it on my mantle, but before we moved into this place (and we had no mantle), I would just hang garlands on the wall.

Ps. Wanna know something gross? See the jar of acorns on the mantle? I had them drying out on a tray for a few weeks. When I scooped them up to put in the jar, I noticed some little things left behind on the tray. Larvae (or grubs or some other creepy bug) were left squirming around! They were living IN the acorns. I probably touched them. Barf. Barf barf barf.

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